Protective shield

Place to repose your boat during winterization with our boat shrink wrap

Our boat shrink wrappers help to cover your boat, so your boat must be secured from bad disaster. If your boat is made of wooden, steel, or other light metals shrink wrap is suitable for all types of boat. If you want to move your boat for winterization then contact our boat wrapping team. If the boat must be left in the water, all portions of boat, except those for battleground drains, have to be protected by closing all seacocks and gate valves. The best way to avoid thefts is to remove anything which might tempt an opportunist thief, if you cannot remove it, lock it. Adding a modified marking to equipment will not only assist to recognize and get well stolen items, other than will also make them less profitable.

Make positive you don’t forget the important matter to safe your boat and keeping the list waiting for spring will help you to remember anything that needs to be safe your boat during bad weather. If your boat has sea raise below the waterline that can’t be closed, it should be stored ashore for the winter. Raising and restore a boat that sinks is a frightening job that can keep the boat in the repair yard for many weeks over the spring and summer. And all sea-cock, especially the ones for the cockpit drains, must be double-clamped with stainless steel hose clamps at each end. When water freezes, it expands and will lift a poorly secured hose off a fitting.


Attach the shrink wrapper correctly to cover all parts of your boat or vessel

As a boat owner you have to remember that during winterization you need to cover your boat with almost all parts of your vessel is fully covered. Any gaps in the shrink wrap may damage your valuable boat. Before winterization your boat must be thoroughly checked and the repair is done clearly to hold your boat with shrink wrappers. Our wrapping team will help you to secure your boat during winterization. Winter in the temperate zones may not be the best time for boating; however it is top prize time for boat-bit thief. Among the most common items stolen from boats over the winter are electronics outdrives and even electronic products. So remember to secure your boat with shrink wraps.

Repairing freeze damage in boat takes time and all too often involves a complete engine replacement. By the time the boat is in working order, a good part of the boating season will have been lost. Winterizing most boats takes from an hour to a day. While winter layup lists can run to several pages and take a month of Sundays to complete, many of those lists include maintenance and cosmetic items that, while nice, don’t make it any more likely your boat will get through the winter unscathed. Our boat wrapping team offers the necessary help for you to prevent your boat from extreme cold weather and sunlight. Prevent your boat from moisture, UV-radiation and cold weather.